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New Chapbook of ‘War Poems’ is Pithy, Pulpy & Fun!

 “Every poet,” warns journalist and poet  Randy Brown , “has a heart filled / with shrapnel.” In his new chapbook  SO FRAG & SO BOLD , the former U.S. Army “brigade staff jester” takes aim at endless wars, parent traps, social media, and stodgy religious beliefs. It’s an iconoclastic cluster-munition that’s bursting with more hundreds of haiku, aphorisms, philosophical puzzles, and other experiments in pithy and pulpy poetry. Brown’s careful constructions of line-breaks and language are intended to variously provoke chuckles, empathy, and thought. “Any poem is a device,” he writes, “improvised to explode with meaning [...] ignited by a trigger / word.” In addition to other accolades, Brown is a three-time poetry finalist in the  Col. Darron L. Wright Memorial Awards , administered annually by the Chicago-based literary journal  Line of Advance . His debut collection, Welcome to FOB Haiku: War Poems from Inside the Wire , was awarded a 2016 Gold Medal distinction from the Military W

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