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Family, Humor, War: New Poetry Book on Sale!

In her second electric collection, "Permanent Change of Station," poet, mother, and U.S. Marine Corps spouse Lisa Stice lovingly interrogates and illuminates life in a modern military family. The 96-page trade paperback is available for $11.99 U.S. purchase via Amazon and other booksellers worldwide. A $5.99 U.S. Amazon Kindle edition is available as well. Via Amazon's "MatchBook" program , a bonus Kindle copy is available FREE for instant download to purchasers of the print edition. Here's what people are saying about Lisa Stice's "Permanent Change of Station": "Lisa Stice's new poetry collection [...] is spare and lovely. Shadowed by deployments and military moves, Stice demonstrates how the smallest, most tenuous moments in life can illustrate a family’s larger joys and fears." — Siobhan Fallon , author of You Know When the Men Are Gone and The Confusion of Languages "By using a language [...] that plays phil

New War Poetry Book Announced

In her soon-to-be-published second collection of poetry, titled "Permanent Change of Station," Lisa Stice lovingly interrogates and illuminates life in a military family with a young daughter—exploring the in-betweens of separation and connection, and the quest for finding one’s place in the world. With an anticipated on-sale date of April 23, 2018, "Permanent Change of Station" (100 pages, Middle West Press LLC ) will be available in a $11.99 trade paper edition through Amazon and other booksellers, as well as a $5.99 e-book exclusively via Amazon. Stice's signature style frequently involves the borrowing of words from texts she finds readily at hand, including quotations from Sun Tzu's "The Art of War," and Dr. Seuss's "The Sneetches."  In her new poems, the family’s small dog Seamus also often appears as sentry, companion, and guide. "Given that April is both the Month of the Military Child , and National Poetry Mont