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Poetry Book Revisits, Reflects on National Trauma

Part memoir, part multimedia experiment, part catharsis, Amalie (“ah-MAHL-ee-ah”) Flynn explores how the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 both shatter and echo in us—both as individuals and as a culture. Flynn is author of the 2013’s Wife and War: A Memoir , and is also the poetry editor of the monthly literary journal The Wrath-Bearing Tree . Her poetry collection September Eleventh grew first from a 2011 series of blog posts at . In 2021, she recrafted the work as a random-access constellation of 130 social-media posts and companion YouTube videos. Collected and presented now in print and e-book, the work can be read sequentially, or browsed by flipping among pages. “Leave it to a poet to unlock something fresh and new in the space of ‘remember that day” stories, writes the publisher. “Here is a narrative that both invites participants to recall their own experiences of a trauma in our nation’s shared history, while also recreating the immediacies