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In New Anthology, Sci-Fi & War Poets Explore Human, AI, Robot Relations

In an exciting new 190-page anthology, 66 emerging and established voices from the science-fiction-poetry and war-poetry communities have joined forces to deliver visions and explorations regarding 
how humans, Artificial Intelligence, and robots may learn to live, work, grow, and fight.  “Every day, our news feeds are crowded with dystopian reports of flame-throwing robots, killer drones, and cyber implants, ” writes anthology editor Randy Brown. “Against this virtual crush of ash and black, we wonder: If futurists and fictionalists, warriors and wargamers can deploy their respective toolkits to probe potential threats and opportunities, why not poets ?”   The anthology GIANT ROBOT POEMS: On Mecha-Human Science, Culture & War collects 92 poems involving concepts, narratives, and cautionary tales of “human-electro-mechanical-cyber interaction, connection, and competition.” To motivate other writers, veterans, and readers, the anthology includes a special section of 7 discus