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Mil-Writers Guild Announces 2018 "Why We Write" Anthology

Independent publisher Middle West Press LLC , in partnership with Military Writers Guild , seeks 750- to 2,000-word personal, creative, craft, and/or research essays for a 200+ page trade paperback anthology to be published in September 2018. Deadline is Jan. 15, 2018. Submissions can be made electronically via Submittable here: The working title and theme of the anthology is “Why We Write,” and will regard how individual military-writing practitioners promote professional and/or popular discourse, while engaging audiences and creating communities through military topics, themes, milieu, or history. Established in 2015, Military Writers Guild is an international group of writers who “advocate, collaborate, and promote” military writing in all its forms, including literary and genre fiction, non-fiction, poetry, journalism, and more. “MWG's mission has always been about fostering high-quality writing about the military and wa

New Midwestern Poetry: Eric Chandler's "Hugging This Rock"

In a new collection of poetry about life and war as a pilot, parent, and outdoor sports enthusiast, Northeastern Minnesota author Eric “Shmo” Chandler delivers plenty in laughs and love—of family, of country, and of navigating one’s place in the world. Whether soaring at 40,000 feet, or carefully considering the flowers he encounters by the trail, his words are rich with insight and humor. Published this week by Middle West Press LLC, "Hugging This Rock: Poems of Earth & Sky, Love & War" (116 pages, trade paperback) is now available in a $9.99 print edition , as well as a $5.99 e-book via Amazon . A cross-country skier, marathon runner, and former F-16 fighter pilot, Chandler is also author of the 2013 collection of essays "Outside Duluth," and the 2014 military-themed novella "Down In It." His fiction, non-fiction, and award-winning poetry have appeared widely both on-line and in print. He blogs at: