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Now on Sale! Lisa Stice’s ‘Letters from Conflict: Poems’!

Available starting today, Mar. 12, 2024, in both  Kindle e-book  and print editions ,  Lisa Stice’s latest poetry collection delivers a welcome bundle of poetic correspondence to a world of art and a world at war. “In her engagements with poets from Ireland to India, as well as U.S. military veterans and families,  Lisa Stice is an ideal correspondent with art and history ,” says the publisher. Stice is the author of the previously published poetry collections  Uniform  (Aldrich Press, 2016),  Permanent Change of Station  (Middle West Press, 2018),  FORCES  (Middle West Press, 20221), and the poetry chapbook  Desert  (Prolific Press, 2018). Most recently, she was the co-editor of the anthology  Things We Carry Still: Poems & Micro-Stories about Military Gear  (Middle West Press, 2023). She currently lives in North Carolina with her U.S. Marine husband, daughter, and beloved Norwich Terrier named Seamus. Here’s what other reviewers have said about Stice’s Letters from Conflict : **

Four Middle West Press Titles Receive Mentions in 2024 Dole Book Awards

The Veterans Studies Association has announced four books published by Middle West Press LLC in 2022-2023 have been recognized with honorable mentions in the inaugural  Senators Bob and Elizabeth Dole Biennial Award for Distinguished Book in Veterans Studies . The association's announcement reads, in part: " This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of veterans studies , highlighting works that engage with critical issues, perspectives, and experiences. " The Middle West Press books are: "The Time War Takes: Poems" by Jessi M. Atherton. A poetry collection about war and its aftermath by a former member of the Michigan Army National Guard. "Twelve O’Clock Haiku: Leadership Lessons from Old War Movies & New Poems"  by Randy Brown. A hybrid prose-poetry monograph exploring lessons derived from historical war poems, World War II airpower history, and war movies. "Things We Carry Still: Poems & Micro-Stories about Military