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Middle West Press LLC titles are available for purchase via select museum gift shops and independent booksellers, as well as leading on-line bookstores. Library and bookseller rates available.


"Hugging This Rock: Poems of Earth & Sky, Love & War" (2017) is a 116-page collection of poetry about life and war as a pilot, parent, and outdoor sports enthusiast. Northeastern Minnesota author Eric "Shmo" Chandler delivers plenty in laughs and love—of family, of country, and of navigating one's place in the world. Whether soaring at 40,000 feet, or carefully considering the flowers he encounters by the trail, his words are rich with insight and humor.

Available in print and Kindle formats.


"Welcome to FOB Haiku: War Poems from Inside the Wire" (2015) is an award-winning collection of often-humorous poetry about war and uniformed service. Winner of a 2016 Gold Medal in Poetry from the Military Writers Society of America.

Available in print, Kindle, and other e-book formats.

Visit the "Welcome to FOB Haiku" website here.

View a short video featuring a poem from the book here.


"Reporting for Duty: Citizen-Soldier Journalism from the Afghan Surge, 2010-2011" is a 668-page collection of news reports and black-and-white photography generated by members of the Iowa Army National Guard's storied 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry "Red Bull" Division.

Available in print only.

View a short video for "Reporting for Duty" here.


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