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In Forthcoming Epistolary Collection, Poet Addresses Artists & Wars

Through a welcome bundle of poetic correspondence with an international community of artists and poets , a seasoned North Carolina poet and spouse of a U.S. Marine shares intimate insights and observations on creating history, family, community, and art. “In her engagements with poets from Ireland to India, as well as U.S. military veterans and families, Lisa Stice is an ideal correspondent with art and history ,” says Middle West Press LLC editor-publisher Randy Brown about Stice’s new poetry collection, Letters from Conflict. “She introduces us to old words and new friends.” “With the flow and scrawl of her metaphorical pen, Stice delivers every poet’s dream: accessible, illuminating conversations with our world-at-large —including our pasts, presents, and unfolding possibilities,” he says.  Lisa Stice is the author of the previously published poetry collections Uniform (Aldrich Press, 2016), Permanent Change of Station (Middle West Press, 2018), FORCES (Middle West Press, 20221

Anthology Seeks Visions of American Midwest in Poems, Micro-Stories

Middle West Press LLC , an independent micro-publisher based in Central Iowa, has issued a call for human-generated poems and micro-prose (300 words max.) engaging with themes of environmentalism, climate change, technology, and more through a lens of Midwestern experience. The working title of this project is Midwest Futures: Poems from Tomorrow's Heartland . Deadline for submissions is Jul. 1, 2024. Publication is projected for Spring/Summer 2025. Submit via Submittable here at this link . This is explicitly a speculative poetry (and related micro-flash-prose) market. We are interested not only in the gritty and grounded, but also near-future science-fiction-infused visions of the possible. For inspirations and vibes, see also movements such “Solarpunk,” “Eco-modernism” and “Climate Fiction” (“Cli-Fi”), as well as these potential exemplars of eco-poetry and other writing: Field Guide to Invasive Species of Minnesota: Poems by Amelia Gorman “Botanical Fanaticism” and “Inte

Submissions Open for Poetry Manuscripts Connected to Midwest Themes

Middle West Press LLC seeks poetry manuscripts by a single author , comprising 50 to 100 poems each, for potential publication in 2024-2025. We are particularly seeking manuscripts that intersect in some way with the people, places, nature, and history of the American Middle West , especially those stemming from the lived experiences of women, poets of color, poets who identify as LGBTQ+, military veterans, and other marginalized voices. We are motivated by any work that helps renew and revise the milieu of the Middle West as a growing, changing, modern, complicated place . Our informal rule-of-thumb is that the modern U.S. states carved from the Louisiana Purchase, and/or states located west of the Ohio River and east of the Missouri River, safely define our intellectual playground . The Middle West is a moveable feast, however. We recognize that the Middle West includes themes, characters, and geographies that cannot be contained by mere borders . In fact, the Middle West may be mos