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Middle West Press Names Lisa Stice as Associate Editor

Middle West Press LLC , a veteran-owned, Iowa-based provider of writing, editorial, and editorial-management services—as well as an independent book publisher—has named Lisa Stice as an associate editor .   Plans call for Stice to collaborate with the press on an undetermined number of projects in the 2023-2024 publishing season, including making editorial selections for a soon-to-be-announced anthology of military-themed prose and poetry .   Founded in 2002 as a freelance writing, editing, and editorial-management provider often serving architecture and design, home technology, and building constructio n magazines, in 2015 the business expanded operations to become an independent micro-publisher of print-on-demand trade paperback and e-books. When producing books under its imprint,  Middle West Press is a traditional-model publisher —not a “hybrid,” “author-subsidized,” or “vanity” press. Authors do not pay for services.  Projects are solicited and selected on literary merit.  To da

Happy New Year! Here are Some Highlights from 2022—and What’s Next!

Here are a few highlights from our 2022 publishing season—and a few hints as to our plans for the coming months! DECEMBER 2021 On December 28, 2021, the Sangria Summit Society awarded Lisa Stice a “Poetry of Modern Conflict Award” for her third poetry collection FORCES , published by Middle West Press earlier that year. The Sangria Summit Society is a literary non-profit administered by brothers Jim and William Burns. JANUARY 2022 Randy Brown’s chapbook of experimental poetry, So Frag & So Bold , was reviewed by war poet Bill McCloud at the VVA Books website here at link . MARCH 2022 The Sangria Summit Society awarded Eric Chandler a “Poetry of Modern Conflict Award” for his debut poetry collection Hugging This Rock , published by Middle West Press in 2017. MAY 2022 Lisa Stice was a featured poet at the Gaithersburg (Maryland) Book Festival ! JULY 2022 The Sangria Summit Society awarded Randy Brown a “Poetry of Modern Conflict Award” for his debut poetry collection, Welcome to FO